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Best Teams to Bet for Next Season: Employing the Casino Gambits’ Wit in the NFL Three teams with great chances of reaching the Super Bowl While gridiron athletes are spending more time in the gym, conditioning their bodies and preparing to get back in the zone, football fans are rummaging through the league’s major sports [...]

NFL Playoff Betting Picks

NFL Betting Picks Divisional Playoffs It is playoff time in the NFL, the most exciting time of the year as teams battle for their ticket to the 47th Super Bowl in New Orleans. What better way to add to the playoff spirit than by placing a few wagers own on the games. This week features four games, on Saturday and Sunday [...]

NFL Betting Picks

Best Odds
Free Pick
August 22
New York Giants @ New York Jets
August 16
Baltimore Ravens @ Dallas Cowboys
February 2
Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos
January 11
New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks
December 22
Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills
December 8
Minnesota Vikings @ Baltimore Ravens
December 8
Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers
November 28
Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions
November 24
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns
November 18
New England Patriots @ Carolina Panthers

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  • Well that first game of the season did go as I planned, but I didn’t quite expect that both the defense and special teams of the Ravens would be so hungry for putting up points and yardage. You could see that the defense were ready to put up a good showing this season given that [...]

  • Finally the season is about to go underway again. Granted, actual games have started and boy where I excited, but every time I sit down to enjoy a good preseason game I instantly remember why it’s not the same thing. People aren’t playing full speed, not much is at stake and the level isn’t the [...]


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