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Bet365 LogoOne sportsbook that always can be relied on to deliver exactly what it is you are seeking in terms of betting opportunities, is our top rated Bet365 Sportsbook. There are many different parts that make up the Bet365 group and it is their sportsbook that they are probably most proud of.

They started their gaming operation as a UK based group of betting shops many years ago, and have since sold their land based operation to concentrate their efforts on the online gambling site they run, which includes not only their state of the art sportsbook, but also poker, bingo and casino, all of which can be accessed from the same ewallet.

Their core values haven’t changes since they launched. They still strive to be the best online betting site in terms of the betting markets they offer, which are wide and varied, giving their customer value in regards to not only the odds they offer, but their ongoing promotional offers and deals. This is an award winning online bookmaker and one that you can trust, so if you are fortunate enough to be able to use them, I recommend you get your account today. Not persuaded yet? Keep on reading to find out why this is our top bookie!

NFL Betting Markets

The list of available NFL betting opportunities at Bet365 can often overwhelm a sports bettor who are simply used to betting the spread and totals in Vegas. This leading betting site operator wants to offer you the most comprehensive number of betting opportunities on every single NFL match that is scheduled to take place, and this is what they always do have on offer, a massive collection of available NFL betting markets. They do offer the standard bets like the spread, totals and moneylines, but you can also find a wide variety of other options. Proposition bets like which player will score a touchdown, winning margins, the standard bets on quarters and halves, and many other bets.

You are of course not just restricted to placing bets on any up and coming NFL match as they offer odds on every single worldwide sporting event and sporting fixture, so when you have spotted a possible betting opportunity make sure you checkout just what odds are on offer. They offer plenty off odds, and are bound to make mistakes here and there which you can take advantage of.

Betting Bonuses and Free Bets

As a regular and loyal sports bettor at this bookie you will from time to time be able to take advantage of tailored free betting opportunities and ongoing promotional bonus offers, so do keep an eye on your email inbox as they are often sending out special promotional emails to their valued customers!

Why Bet at the Bet365 Sportsbook?

Still not convinced? Here are some other great features that we value highly:

Great In-Play Betting Options – This is the way of the future. In-play betting has come to stay, and with good reason: it is incredibly fun! Sitting there watching the game with my friends, we keep analyzing and arguing who will make the next play, which team will catch up and so on. Now you can put your money where your mouth is as well.

Bet365 has created a great live betting menu where you can easily navigate to the sport of your choice and select the bets of your choice. The markets are off course somewhat smaller than the pre-game markets, but there are plenty of bets for you to take advantage of a shift in momentum you might notice in the televised action.

Same Day Payouts – Bet365 is known to be a fast paying bookmaker, but depending on the transaction methods you utilize, you can be able to deposit, make a wager, win, initiate a withdrawal process, and have the cash in hand, all in the same day! This is imperative for those that are a little strapped on cash and can’t spread their bankroll around.

All of their cashout methods are processed swiftly, so no matter which you prefer you will find that the money will move quickly.

Multiple Betting Platforms – You can place a bet at Bet365 by one of several different methods, probably the easiest ways of course for you to simply log onto their online betting platform and place your wagers like you normally do online.

However, you are also able to make full use of the Bet365 Sportsbooks telephone betting service if you prefer the personal touch, and thanks to their brand new mobile betting site and mobile betting App you can also place a wager via any type of mobile phone or mobile device!

I urge you to take a look yourself, because once you see the sheer volume of available betting opportunities and the many different ways that you can actually place all of your chosen bets and wagers on any of their betting platforms you will be itching to give them a try, more so when you compare the odds they offer to other betting sites, the difference offered by Bet365 will soon become apparent.

Click here to visit the Bet365 sportsbook!

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