Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings – NFL Betting Pick Week 11 2014

A division match up is coming up this week that does not look like it is gonna be any kind of fair. Green Bay Packers is the hot team right now while the Vikings are still struggling at the bottom of their division. Still, this is a division match up and may prove to surprise anyone with what the result will be. Do we think the Vikings has what it takes?

Green Bay Packers

What is there to say about this team? They have been running hot like a supernova and are dominating teams left and right. It seems to be that their offense can be scoring on every drive and all they need is for their defense to simply show up and give the others something to chew on for this to end in a win.

But we are not so sure this can keep going on. This team is quite volatile and if a couple of the passes from Rodgers is a little off sync (right now it doesn’t seem like that will happen), we are going to see a very different team coming out of Green Bay. To reiterate, I believe that this team is capable of going far, but at the pace they have currently shown? Not very likely.

Minnesota Vikings

Although this team haven’t been doing so well this season, they are still sitting at a 4-6 record which isn’t all that bad considering all that have happened to this team. Losing Adrian Peterson at the start of the season, having to start a rookie QB and playing with a shaky defense is not easy on any of the teams in the NFL and it has taken its toll here too.

Now we do not expect the Vikings to work their magic in the coming game here, but we have seen glimpses of what Bridgewater can do. If they can implement Tate into their system already for the weekend and setting him up to make some plays, this can turn out to make them hang with the Packers. Their defense is quite lackluster and it should prove a opponent that should be doable to beat out.

Our Predictions

So obviously the Packers are going to be the heavy favorite here, but we are not so sure they are simply gonna come in here and waltz all over the Vikings. Both of their solid wins have come at home, and now they are facing a Vikings hungry for a win to stay in contention. And as we talked about it only takes a couple of missed throws from Rodgers to make them duck out completely.

The smart money is definitely on the Vikings and the points that is added onto them. I feel they are going to stay a lot closer in this bout than any of the other teams that have faced the Packers so far.

Betting Pick: Minnesota Vikings (10.0), 1.91 @ Bet365

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