New York Giants at New York Jets – Preseason Week 3 2014

Well that first game of the season did go as I planned, but I didn’t quite expect that both the defense and special teams of the Ravens would be so hungry for putting up points and yardage. You could see that the defense were ready to put up a good showing this season given that had looked so weak in their first game against the Chargers. We saw an immediate improvement and the Boys held Flacco back for a good part of the first half, but had to yield at the end. Romo also looked sharp, but he got benched way faster than I anticipated. Let us hope for some more luck in this next one.

New York Jets

They have had two strong showing against both the Colts and the Bengals, teams that are looking to make another run at the playoffs this year and both the defense and offense has produced respectable results. Their secondary is still quite shaky and if this does not get fixed or something miraculous happens you probably won’t see this team gunning for the playoffs.

But so far they have been good, and their offense seems to be able to carry them pretty well. The different options they have in their mobile QBs and solid running backs makes it hard for the opposing defense figuring them out. Given that the Giants also have been struggling stopping the offenses we like their chances in getting some serious work done here.

New York Giants

About 11 quarters of horrible offensive football have been shown by this team, and in the last quarter against the Colts they rallied to nab another win. It is somewhat mind boggling that they have managed to win 3 out of 3 games so far with the poor playing they have shown, but winning is all that matters here.

The offense might seem to have come together, but Eli is still behind a pretty weak offensive line and is gonna struggle against a stout Jets front. If the corners can do better work this will not even be close as the defense of Giants has also looked quite shaky. Much need to go right here, and unless he can show promise I believe Eli will play 3+ quarters here in this game as he needs to get into the new system for Nassib rather quick now.

Our Predictions

Because of the depth of the Jets offense and their need to test out both new players and veterans to see what works and not, we like them to put on a good show here and work hard to rack up yards and points. Since they also are going to play at home we like their chances a lot and bet their defense will hold Big Blue to a short enough number to nab the win. The Giants offense seems to have left off from last year and their defense is still kinda weak. Expect the Jets offense to continue to show sparks of greatness and claim a good win here.

Betting Pick: New York Jets (+1), 1.91 @ JustBet

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