San Diego Chargers at Miami Dolphins – NFL Betting Pick Week 9 2014

Our betting season is starting to look a lot better now, getting some good bets in and staying lucky certainly helps with that. After this we are turning our focus to a small road underdog that is looking to break its current losing streak. The San Diego Chargers have been suffered a tough loss at home against the Chiefs and also took a beating from the Broncos which are simply dominating again this year. They are traveling to another sunny state this week when they are facing the Miami Dolphins. They are rolling on a win streak right now, both coming from the road, but the teams they beat are considered shaky at best.

San Diego Chargers

Has an excellent passing offense led by Phillip Rivers. He has had a great season so far throwing for over 2200+ yards and 20 touchdowns. This has kept the team in the contention so far and they are looking like a playoff team. Even with all the injuries suffered to the RB corps they are still in this. When Mathews and Woodhead (out for the season) are back you can bet your ass they are going to add to this offense. But for now they will rely on what they know best: passing.

The defense also have been a big part of why this team is 5-3 (for good and bad). Their secondary led by Eric Weddle is stopping many of the QBs opposing them and limiting the production. They haven’t produced much in forms of turnovers, but still keeping them at bay is enough to make the offense have a fighting chance. Both these sections of the team are doing good work now and we still believe they can get to the playoffs, but probably not through the first spot.

Miami Dolphins

Been struggling somewhat, but now they are coming off a two-game winning streak on the road and spirit must be riding high. The offense is doing good in the running game, which balances out nicely and lets them get something going in the passing game when needed. Not only are their running back Lamar Miller playing really good, but he is setting up for some great runs by their QB Tannehill. He may not be the best passer, but he is a decent mobile QB that can get things done. He mixes it up with some keeps and deep passes to Mike Wallace.

This defense is solid against the pass, but horrible against the run. It shows pretty well that this is the case, but a combination of meeting some bad teams and struggling teams have them looking even better than they actually are. They have not been producing all that much and keep letting up plenty of yards and points, even against weaker teams.

Our Predictions

On paper the Chargers is a much better team than the Dolphins, but there are plenty of things that Miami have going for them. For one they are playing at home which is always an added edge (unless you are the Texans playing in Dallas). Second is that they are good at the run, facing a team that have troubles stopping the run. Finally they are high on their streak right now.

But even considering all this we are still ranking the Chargers higher. They can easily outscore the Dolphins even if they are having a good game offensively. When we are even given extra points for betting on the Chargers we are going to take that.

Betting Pick: San Diego Chargers (+2.5), 1.91 @ Bet365

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