Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bengals – NFL Betting Pick Week 3 2014

Finally we managed to net a win when the Ravens came up big at home against the Steelers. Solid showing by both their offense and defense. It never looked close really, but I imagine it is gonna be closer come the time Ravens go visit them in Pittsburgh.

Now we have two weeks worth of games behind us and the picture about who is who is starting to develop, but I still feel some of the bookmakers are still making some glaring errors here and there. One of these can be found in a match going down at Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday.

Tennessee Titans

A decent start with a solid away win against Kansas City, but then showed up really weak at home against the Cowboys. Locker is a solid QB and their defense is stout enough to be able to go up against most other opponents, but seeing them struggle against Cowboys makes us question how they are going to stop the Bengals – and that is away even.

DeMarco Murray had free reign running and Romo could sling the ball as freely as ever. They are facing an offense of much the same caliber this week and need to get things going. Their offense hasn’t shown much in the running game and probably won’t see much here either. Sankey looks like a bust so far, but Locker has shown he can deliver the ball to his receivers so that needs to be their game plan coming into the game.

Cincinnati Bengals

Perfect start so far edging out their division rivals away and a solid showing at home against Falcons who is back healthy and moving. Their defense seems to be able to stop almost any opponent and Titans should be someone they can handle quite handsomely.

Now when it comes to the offense they have also shown that Bernard is the running back they have been longing for. He moves the ball well and can even split his time with Jeremiah Hill who has been solid as well. It doesn’t help that they have solid options downfield in A.J. Green and Mohammed Sanu as well. The Titans are gonna have their hands full in the upcoming match.

Our Predictions

We do not foressee this being all that close. Bengals looks immensely strong, while the Titans have been a dud so far. The strength match ups are bad for the Titans as well as they seem ok passing the ball, but the Bengals defense is quite stacked at the defensive back side. Given their solid mix of offensive plays and options we believe they are gonna run around the Titans defense. Easily a Bengals pick here.

Betting Pick: Cincinnati Bengals (-6.5), 1.91 @ BetOnline

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