Picks and Odds to win Super Bowl

Best Teams to Bet for Next Season: Employing the Casino Gambits’ Wit in the NFL

Three teams with great chances of reaching the Super Bowl

While gridiron athletes are spending more time in the gym, conditioning their bodies and preparing to get back in the zone, football fans are rummaging through the league’s major sports sites—finding their favorite team’s recent transactions before putting their bets on the likely contenders. Like major card sharks playing in their local casinos, these football devotees employ a parallel thinking that commonly applies to large business magnates who carefully select sponsorship with strong teams. Sports history dictates that there is a certain range of predictability which is similar to the logical thinking we apply to most of the games we play in casinos. We only have to look at the sport of soccer in Europe where Bwin, PartyCasino’s operator, has selected only the strongest teams to wear their company’s logo. And like a keen scout, this applies to the NFL where every fan knows which teams have the best chance to reach the Bowl. If you are having a hard time on where to place your bet for the next season, then here are three teams that may likely be the next Super Bowl champions:

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks led by their star quarterback Russell Wilson should prove to be a giant in the football field even in his sophomore year. With an elite set of skills and dexterity to move in the pockets, Wilson should help anchor the Seattle squad to a shot at the finals. But, the young quarterback is not the only one to hold the spotlight. See, his teammates shouldn’t be underestimated too since the Seahawks also boast of a strong defensive core to match their offense. Although not the flashiest team to grace the 2014 season, they hold a reputation of getting the job done in a plain and simple fashion.

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are arguably the team to watch out for when it comes to pass-rushing plays. With the very gifted linebacker in the form of Von Miller and with former four-time MVP Peyton Manning at quarterback, the Broncos boast of a legitimate contender status and are likely be in the top seeds of the playoffs. While most teams have shuffled their players to suit a new offense and defense, the Broncos’ unified core and consistency should translate into their favor.

San Francisco 49ers

There is no greater challenger to the Super Bowl than the team who almost grabbed the coveted diadem. Last season, the 49ers came close to toppling the defending champs, the Baltimore Ravens. Luckily for them, the management decided to push through for consistency in the lineup rather than scrap the roster and try to haul in new players. As in any case of sports, defense wins championships. With the 49ers team retaining their major players, with only the loss of Dashon Goldson in the lineup, trust that the San Francisco team would make a memorable playoff run.

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    Nice analysis! I am looking forward to your write-ups for the new season!

    Lets post great profits like you did last year in the regular season 😉


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